Born in England, I was educated at Saint Martin’s School of Art on London. I came to America do my graduate work, and basically stayed.  Since then I have made a living as an designer and artist in television, video, animation, interactive media, and fine art.


One evening, about ten years ago, the artist George Nick paid me the compliment of visiting me to look at my work. Lord knows there was no reason why he should have bothered, except I believe he saw something in my work that I was unable to see myself just then.

Completely isolated from any art community I had cold-called him after I had seen some of his work reproduced in Yankee magazine, thinking that it bore some resemblance to my own.

I made tea and propped my paintings up against the mantel one after another, bending an anglepoise lamp towards them so we could see them more clearly. My first ever serious art crit began.


Now, having successfully exhibited my work in multiple exhibitions, I remember almost nothing of what he said that night. He merely paid me the compliment of being interested and as it turned out, that’s all that mattered.