John Bonner

So, I was laid off from a nice graphic design gig after 15 years, and at age 64, realised, that was it! No more cushy benefit-soaked jobs! One look at my age and I go to the bottom of the pile. So now I’m doing what I want.

Right now that is John’s Art Stories, a COVID isolation project whereby I make stories out of stuff that comes to hand, via the computer or the attic.

I’m also keeping my hand in producing an image a day.


Instagram: @anthonyjohnbonner

Clients: Children’s Channel (UK), WGBH TV, McGraw Hill, Pearson Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Scholastic, Cengage, MacMillan (UK), Oxford University Press (UK).

Awards and Exhibitions: Do you really care? If you do, email me for a complete list. I’d love to hear from you, anyway.