Selected Website Listings
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The Salem News; Salem, MA. 01/10/2013. “Art is All Around” Will Broaddus

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Yankee Magazine Blog; 05/05/10. “Bits of Sea” Edgar Allen Beem

Concord Monitor; 05/13/10. “Sea Gazing” Elaine Loft

Boston Globe Magazine; 05/10/09. “Modern Naturally” Marni Elyse Katz

Concord Monitor; 03/17/05. “Ordinary People” Victoria Shouldis

The Bow Times; 03/10/05. “English Artist turns People and Places into Paintings” Ami Fortier

The Union Leader; 03/14/02. “Glimpses of Life” Ami Fortier

Boston Globe Magazine; 05/20/96. “Getting There”


2006 Art In Embassies, DC. Painting in Monserrat Embassy