Starting in 2010, I have been drawing comics about the books I read and posting them on a blog called Comic Crits. They are not exactly critiques of the books, but more about what it feels like to have your entertainment defined by reading, rather than say, watching television. Always have a book going is my mantra.

Some of them have been reproduced and used at publishing conferences, some have been printed and presented to the actual authors, and one was even tweeted by Neil Gaiman, who loved the whole idea, bless him. payed me the compliment of publishing them on their website, and now commission me to to do an off-shoot, Comic Crits Classics, where I reread and review classic science fiction for their readership.

If you’re interested, I make so much money from this activity I figured I’ll be able to retire in the year twenty-five, twenty-five (if mankind is still alive, if woman has survived…)